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Backtagging: I don't mind it!
Threadhopping: Sure, sounds like fun!
Fourthwalling: It depends on the game. Just ask.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): He won't rape anyone, and he's not to be raped. I really don't want to deal with the backlash mental/emotional torture unless I feel it's time for such things.


Hugging this character: Dean: Uh, sure? Long as it ain't too long or... you're a guy copping a feel.
Kissing this character: Dean: Sexy and hot women are free to apply, long as you don't have mono or you know, mouth herpes heh
Flirting with this character: Dean: Have at it but I admit to being a little cheesy in my own pick up lines.
Fighting with this character: Dean: If you want your ass kicked? Go right on ahead.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Dean: Hell, no one wants to be injured but if we're fighting and we're aiming to hurt? You better ask my mun, she's better at answering this because I wear my man scars with pride.
Killing this character: Dean: Nope, I like being alive.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Dean: Please don't? Mun: *rubs hands together.* Please do.

Warnings: None really, you have everything above that you need. If you have a question though, ask!

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This is a post to end all posts, yes, it's that epic. In this post you can contact me for plotting purposes and general fun. If you feel more comfortable over aim or some other instant messanger, just ask and we can hash it out over that way.


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